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Sean has been a professional photographer for over 6 years, and during that time has gained immense experience in the photography world. He's taken the time to put this knowledge into several easy to understand online courses, all of which tackle slightly different topics.

Over 150,000 students are already enrolled in Sean's courses, and more are joining everyday.

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Meet Sean

Sean Dalton is an American travel and lifestyle photographer. Originally from San Jose, California, Sean moved to Thailand in 2016 to pursue humanitarian efforts. His work brought him to several South-East Asian countries, where he developed a strong sense of visual imagery.

Sean is largely based out of Thailand and Indonesia, but is consistently traveling to different parts of the world for projects both personal and professional. Sean has a knack for explaining complex topics in an easy to understand way, and has been praised for his natural teaching abilities. He is dedicated to teaching others, and constantly seeks to invent new and interesting frameworks for teaching photography related topics.